19 June 2013

The journey begins!

A few hours to go until take off! I always hate how you have to arrive at the airport so early and then you just sit around and wait. It actually did take about 20 minutes to go through security, which is the longest it has ever taken me. 

Mom and I had a fun day - we had a late breakfast at Bob's (yum!) and then we drove into Castle Island a few hours before I had to be at the airport to have a late lunch at Sullivan's (double yum!) and watch the planes coming and going. We possibly saw the plane I will fly out on coming in to land: 

And so far I've only forgotten a blanket - which was "borrowed" years ago from a Lufthansa flight and has served as my travel blanket ever since. I plan on borrowing another one from BA. 

One last picture of a view from Castle Island - then tomorrow will be pictures from Chester, England!

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  1. Hi Bonnie
    We will be looking forward to your posts as you travel around, take classes and immerse yourself in all things British. Please be safe, have fun and learn good stuff.
    Uncle Chris