28 June 2013

Day 9 - London!

The day began overcast, and I hoped that the rain would hold off until at least I got to the apartments, because there really is nothing worse than dragging luggage around in the rain. Actually it isn't much fun dragging luggage around anywhere, especially the Tube where there are stairs! When I arrived from Heathrow, I planned out my route to not have any stairs, but I didn't do the same coming from Euston Station to the apartment. And...there were some stairs. However both times I had very nice men coming over and grabbing one of the bags and carrying them up for me - thank you, I will pay it forward! At least going back the program is supposed to have chartered buses to take to the airport, so that will be nice.

After a bus ride, two train rides, and a Tube ride, I was at the apartments! The room is actually slightly larger than my room in Conwy; the bathroom is to the right, and to the left out of the picture is a good size wardrobe - closet plus shelving.
I arrived there around 3:30, and at 4pm I met with my professor and classmates for a walking tour of the neighborhood - it turned into a three and a half hour tour of some of the major London sights! And my professor, Dr Welsh, is so very nice - she even bought us all dinner at a pizza place on the way. 

We really are located in the heart of the city. I'm about 15 minutes away from:

The South Bank - that is St Paul's Cathedral in the distance:
Houses of Parliament and Big Ben (Westminster Abbey is there too, but I didn't take a picture):
Trafalgar Square - the National Gallery on the left and St Martin-in-the-Fields on the right:
Then I wrapped up the walk by stopping at a little grocery store to get a few things for breakfast. We have a full kitchen to use in our suite, however it doesn't have the basics so we'll have to do a little shopping for plates and things.

One picture I forgot to post yesterday - a fellow solo traveler asked me to take her picture at Harlech and offered to reciprocate:
Tomorrow we have our first class meeting, orientation, and then it's a Vintage London walking tour for me!

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  1. King's College and London, England here you go!! Happy studying, Love Mom & Dad xxoo