19 July 2018

Paris: Day Eight

Right now, I'm on the train heading from Paris to Munich, via Stuttgart. I said to Phil yesterday that the train ride was well-timed, because I was really looking forward to doing nothing for 5 hours. We have done so much in Paris, and while it was never rushed, there was a lot of walking. If only we had taken the Fitbit to see how much we walked every day! 

After a breakfast of brioche, we went back up the top of Montmatre because I was thinking about purchasing a painting from one of the artists in the square. On my last two trips, I had bought little canvases at artists in that square and thought it would be nice to add another. When we had visited the square the other day, the artists were beginning to pack up and after making a loop of the square, the one I wanted was gone! And unfortunately, I didn't see it again but it wasn't a wasted trip, because we stopped at this ice cart in the square and got delicious shaved ice and syrup which we nibbled on as we wandered down the hill. 
I also spotted some more street art, which I have loved looking for and finding all over the 8th arr. 
I'm making up a story in my mind about the artist, like maybe she created a scavenger hunt for the one she loved to wander around and find the notes she left. 

We then took a bus over the Arc de Triomphe, so we could walk the Champs Elysees. It seemed like something we should do, wander down the grand boulevard, before we left.
And we got a surprise at the Renault store - one of the Formula 1 cars, driven by one of the Phil's favorite drivers!
At the end of the street, we visited the Petit Palais, which was built for the 1900 Exposition and is now an art gallery. They had a special exhibition of Impressionists in London, which we both wanted to see, and I got to see some more Monets!
I love the way the water looks alive with the sun glinting off of it. It's so nice to see museums letting you take pictures, as long as you do not use a flash. 

We had a leisurely lunch at the cafe in the museum, while we pondered what to do next. We had a few hours to fill before dinner and then a river cruise, and had a few options. What we decided in the end was to try to see the T. Rex again, since it was only a 20 minute walk from where we needed to be to get on the boat. And so we met Trix!
I really loved how they set her up, so that she was lunging out towards you, rather than just a regular walking pose. Phil is awesome for indulging me in my love of dinosaurs. Trix had a hard life - she had a bite mark in her jaw, probably from another T. Rex, four broken ribs, and a hole in her face. She lived to a decent old age, and they think she is a female because of her bones. 

The highlight of the day was the sunset cruise on the Seine. I had wanted us to take a river cruise, but really did not want to go on the big huge boats with recorded commentary and a million tourists. I found a company that left out of a side canal, who also did a night cruise, because Paris is so special when it is dark. After a delicious dinner (including the most decadent mousse chocolat)
we boarded the boat and were able to grab the last two seats up on the top, where we had gorgeous views of the sights along the river. 
I took far too many pictures of the Eiffel Tower. It's hard to capture the magic when it is sparkling and of course I had to try, but then I put the camera down and just enjoyed the view and the boat ride. It was a late night, but so worth it.