20 June 2013

Day 1 - Chester, England

Pictures from the air - it would remain a cloudy day all day, with only a few drops of rain:

Today has been a long day full of travel. The plane landed shortly after 6am London time, which was about a half an hour earlier than expected. Then it was a matter of getting from Heathrow to Euston Station in central London, which consisted of an hour long Tube ride, getting there about 8:15am - the only issue was my train to Chester was leaving at 1:10pm, so it was a long wait. I wandered around outside for fresh air and to stay awake! 

After arriving in Chester at 3:12pm, I went immediately to the hostel where I am staying, which was less than a 5min walk from the train station. I dropped the luggage in the room, and then took off to explore Chester. 

Chester is very Tudor-looking, with all the half-timber buildings. But it was originally a Roman outpost, and has the remains of the largest amphitheater found in the UK, along with remains of Roman baths. And it seems like the best town I've come across yet for shopping - any store that you can think of, US or UK seems to be here! However, they do close early like most of Europe, with shops closing at 5 or 6pm.

One of the last sites I visited it was St. John's Church - the current church was closed, but outside are some ruins from the 16th century and the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII. 

Tonight will be an early night to catch up on my sleep - tomorrow is a day of walking: touring the walls of Chester and then going on a guided walking tour. 

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  1. Great pictures and info! Glad all is going well. Hillary said you called but she couldn't hear you :( Looking forward to reading more! Love you, Mom and Dad <3