27 June 2013

Day 8 - Criccieth & Harlech

Today was my last day of touring castles - tomorrow I head to London to meet up with my classmates for British Studies in Librarianship!

I knew the weather was too good to last, but at least I had a morning without rain. The first stop of the day was at Criccieth Castle, which was about 30mins away from Caernarfon by bus. 
Criccieth was originally built by Llyweylan ap Iorwerth around 1230, and then added to over the next 100 years. It was a cute little castle, with gorgeous views as it was on a hilltop. 
These are the mountains of Snowdonia in the distance.
Then my next stop was at Harlech...in the meantime, it had started to rain and still hasn't stopped. Which led to fewer pictures being taken of the views, because they all turned out like this: (view from Harlech)
Harlech Castle was another of Edward I's castles, but he never lived in it and instead let his castle architect live here - I guess it was a good reward for all those other castles the architect had to work on! I think Harlech is up there with Conwy for being my favorites of the trip - it was in great condition considering its age, and it didn't have any Victorian restorations done to change it. 
Climbing the hills to these castles definitely gave me a good workout today!
This week has just flown by, and I'm so glad I decided to come over early and do some traveling on my own. I've loved seeing North Wales, and hope to come back again to continue exploring. So while I don't want to leave, I am excited about starting the next adventure in London!

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your post! Love Mom and Dad :)