24 June 2013

Day 4 - Conwy, Wales

I absolutely love Conwy! As soon as I got off the train yesterday morning and the first thing I saw was the castle, I knew it was going to be a good visit! After dropping off my luggage at the hotel, I set off to explore the town. I picked up a book at the the visitor centre with walks around Conwy, and decided to do one which went up on the walls. Now these walls are the most authentic town walls - they were actually a little scary at parts to walk on, because they were so high up and had a steep incline, plus it was super windy up on top.

Outside the walls:

A look at the part of the walk on the walls from a tower at the corner:
A main gate, just wide enough for a car to pass! I love that they didn't replace the gates with wider ones, which is what Chester did with their walls. 
After wandering around and doing two walks, I visited the oldest house in Conwy, built at the time of the castle and walls in the 13th century, Aberconwy House:
It rained only a teeny bit, but was quite a cold day, about 50 with a strong wind off the water. Conwy is next to an estuary and the sea is right nearby.
The main reason I decided to come to Wales was to explore the castles, and this castle does not disappoint:
For this part of the trip, I'm staying in a bed and breakfast, which is right outside of the walls. My room is about the size of a shoebox, and was formerly the dressing room to another room. And the bathroom is down the hall, but is only for my room, so it's not bad at all. My window is the one in the middle right above the sign:
And the view from the window:
Today I'll be going inside the castle, and inside an Elizabethan home, Plas Mawr. It is starting out to be a beautiful sunny day, with a high of 15 C, which is about 57 F - it would be great if I don't have to wear gloves like yesterday!

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  1. Love the pictures and descriptions Bonnie. I "almost" feel like I am there. Be safe