29 June 2013

Day 10 - London - Orientation and first LondonALIVE tour

This morning started off with our first class meeting, where Dr Welsh went over our schedule (which has been revised and I should post a revision!) and talked a little bit about our research paper. Then we went and joined the whole group for an orientation meeting. After that, there was just enough time to grab something to eat before the LondonALIVE walking tour.

We had to pick two walking tours to go on; part of the reason was to introduce London, but another part was so you could meet students in other classes. I went on a Vintage London walk, which stopped at a few different vintage clothing shops, and ended at a tea room in the Brick Lane area of London. I picked the walk mainly because it was an area I was unfamiliar with, and it turned out to be a great choice because even though I didn't buy anything (vintage is expensive!) I discovered a really fun area of the city. 

On our way to the Tube stop, there was a great view of Cleopatra's Needle - an obelisk originally from Egypt. Ever since going to Egypt, I always try to see the obelisks in different cities. Every city claims they were a "gift" but I have my doubts. 
The tea room:
Walking back to the flat, it's nice to walk along the South Bank of the Thames. There is so much action - people, shops, vendors - and even the Queen's Jubilee Wall Garden:
One of my favorite times when traveling is when you finally feel you know your way around a place; it's a confident feeling, almost comforting. Since the nearest grocery store is a tiny little thing, I decided to go over to a larger one that I remembered from my last visit to London, and as I was riding the bus and got over near Holborn, I definitely got that feeling. 

Tomorrow I decided I'm going to go to Mass at Westminster Cathedral, the Catholic Church - Westminster Abbey is its more famous Anglican cousin. I've been to Mass at the Abbey (Easter Mass in 2001) so it seemed fitting to go to a Catholic Church this time. After that, I think it will be a stroll by Buckingham Palace, through St James Park, and maybe pop into one of the museums before its time for the second LondonALIVE tour, which will be a photography one!

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