22 June 2013

Day 3 - Chester

Well the bus tour of the Lake District didn't happen - it seems I was the only one booked and they decided to cancel it. So I decided to go to the zoo! I know, I'm in England and I go to the zoo, but I was already at the train station and I did briefly consider hopping on a train to spend the day in Liverpool, but I really prefer planning to just going somewhere, so I decided to stay local. And the zoo was in my mind because literally everyone who I meet asks if I'm visiting the zoo while here in Chester, so it seems to be huge tourist destination, at least for UK residents. It did turn out to be a fun day out, with only a little sprinkling of rain and then the sun came out for the afternoon. 

Chester Zoo is the largest zoo in the UK - over 11,000 animals and over 110 acres, and I'm pretty sure I walked every inch of pathway. I haven't been to any zoo in a really really long time, so it was fun to see all the animals, like the baby elephants:

And baby black rhinos:
And a red panda:
I spent most of the day at the zoo, returning to Chester in the late afternoon. 

I had really nice talks tonight with two of the women staying in my room - Mathilde, who is from Dublin and is in Chester doing a work experience with a vet, and Caryl, who is from Edinburgh who is on holiday and staying here for a week. When you're traveling alone, staying in a hostel is an easy way to meet people and socialize. I really have to recommend The Bunkroom if you come to Chester. I'm in a four bed, all female room. Yes, it has bunk beds, but it is more home-like than a hotel. 
I've got a top bunk, the one on the right:
There is a kitchen, and dining/living room, and a really nice outdoor beach-themed seating area, which is covered so you can still be outside when it is raining. The first night I was here, they had a BBQ out here:

Tomorrow I'll be taking a train to Conwy, Wales to spend the next five days touring North Wales! 

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