22 July 2013

Day 33 - Back home to London

That's fun being able to say I'm back home in London - it does feel like home after almost a month here. It was a bit of a long day getting back here, and when I finally walked out of Waterloo station I was happy to be back on the South Bank. And then I ran into Kamilah and Maegen on the street and really felt like I was home - when you run into friends on the street, it's finally your city.

I didn't take many pictures at all today, so here a few Waterloo photos from earlier in the trip:
With my window open, I can hear the trains squealing down the tracks and it reminds me of the T. It's actually a nice, soothing background noise and doesn't bother me at all. 

And a last few pictures of Ness taken from the bus this morning on my way to the airport:
I lied - there are trees! Just in random clumps:
Oh and I can't forget the news of the day - the royal baby boy is born! Everyone in my class is so excited about it; a few had been in London all day, tracking the news and posting FB updates for those of us still traveling. I did hear some shouting in the street when the news was announced, but I kinda thought there would maybe be church bells ringing or something. It is exciting to be in London for this!

Tomorrow is a return to library visits, beginning with the British Library Conservation Centre which I am wicked excited about!

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  1. Glad you're "back home" safe and sound. We thought we heard that church bells or some kind of bell was to ring for three hours after the birth of the baby. Maybe we misunderstood. Anyway, best wishes on your last week...and see you in 6 days. Love you, Mom and Dad :)