22 July 2013

Day 32 - Lewis

Four blog entries in one day- whew! I am officially all caught up once this one is posted.

I keep reminding myself that my purpose of coming to the Outer Hebrides was for some alone time and to enjoy the quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of London. And then I find myself talking to sheep and bees, so clearly I don't do well with alone time! (Yes for some reason bees kept following me around on my walk, I think it was the CVS sun cream which I did remember to put on that was attracting them!)

This is the view from my window of the B&B, it basically is what all of Ness looks like:
After a late breakfast, I went on a walk to the Butt of Lewis, the most northernly point on the island. This is an actual road, not a pathway, wide enough for one car:
The Butt of Lewis:
I found a nice place to sit and read, write, and lay in the sun for awhile:
The coastline is stunning, I will say that. There are some beaches, which are more hidden than on Harris:
I wandered back along the cliffs in a giant loop. It was mostly just me walking, but at one point there were a few people looking in the water and a woman called me over. They had just sighted a basking shark:
They are vegetarian sharks, eating plankton. That was really neat to see!
I'm pretty sure the entire town was at the beach today:
I decided to not go actually on the beach, and just stayed on the machair, as there is already quite a bit of sand in my suitcase and I don't need to add anymore!

I'm sure Ness is quite lovely but if you visit I would recommend starting in Lewis and ending in Harris, so you don't feel let down. The one highlight was tonight's dinner - at the B&B they do offer dinner, and I seem to currently be the only person staying here tonight. In the morning Louise asked me what I liked, as she didn't have dinner planned yet. I mentioned a few things, and I did tell her I was a picky eater (or fussy eater as they say here) and that I had some microwavable rice if she didn't mind me using her microwave to heat it up. She said she'd think of something and to come down at 7pm. My dinner was chicken and rice and homemade granary bread! With vanilla ice cream for dessert. And chicken & rice has been my fav meal since visiting Nana & Papa in Florida when I was four, so it was a good ending to the day. 

Tomorrow will be another long travel day - bus to Stornoway, bus to the airport, fly to Inverness, fly to London, train to London Bridge, and tube to Waterloo. I'm hoping to be back at the flat by 8pm, and then the last week of classes starts up on Tuesday!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Now the Royal baby is on its way and so are you to London. Long travel day today...Love ya Mom and Dad :)