08 July 2013

Day 18 - London

So today was super wicked awesome fun - and I should probably just leave it at that since I don't think anyone but me cares about me meeting Norman Reedus, again!

If I hadn't met Sam on Friday, it would probably have been just a quick in and out for me this morning, getting a picture with Norman since I couldn't on Friday and an autograph for myself. But now since I had a friend, and things like fan conventions are so much more fun with friends, we made a whole day of it! Yes, I went to London and spent a sunny day inside a convention center, and I don't regret it at all!

In the morning we had our pictures taken, and here is my really dorky looking picture with my lovely flower garland from Hat Fair Day:
Then we had a bite to eat and moved into a great people watching spot we discovered on Friday, right near the entrance to the celebrities green room, so we had views of them coming and going. The vast majority of celebrities were from Star Trek and equally Stargate, with a few personalities from Star Wars, then some random wrestlers I had never heard of, and some actors from Game of Thrones, plus a few from shows I was unfamiliar with, and even some from Dr. Who which is a huge deal in England and among LIS students (although I have never seen it). 

Sam was going to the Walking Dead talk, with Norman and Sarah Wayne Callies, and convinced me to get a ticket so I could go too...and I did and that was also fun!
There were tons of dealer stalls set up, where you could buy anything you could think of having to do with comics, tv, or movies. There was even a stall set up where you could buy American food not available in the UK - clearly I need to go in business selling Fluff and Reeses peanut butter cups to the Brits because every time I walked past, the booth was packed:
Someone needs to have a booth selling Cadbury items in the US - I would visit all the time!

Tomorrow it is back to class, where we will be visiting the Museum of London Archaeological Archives. I know some amazing finds have come from the Thames, so this should be a great visit. 


  1. That was a fun day/weekend! We wonder what the US food prices were in UK? Love ya, Mom and Dad :)

  2. Hi Bonnie...guess I figured out how to post...I have read each day like I was a kid in a candy store. The pictures and writing are great. We are so proud of your independence and your ability to travel with "no fear." I hate to say I am not familiar with the "walking dead" thing although zombie movies are popular again. I do watch Game of Thrones, and Spartacus. Pretty gory at times.