02 December 2014

Norway: Day Seven, Trondheim

Last full day in Norway started off by sleeping in, since the museum we were going to see didn't open until 11am. I may have had a slice of pie for breakfast...when travelling, you need to indulge occasionally! After stopping off at a few stores, we made our way over to the NTNU Vitenskapmuseet, the Museum of Natural History at NTNU which is the main university in Trondheim (and where Sveii is getting his masters...which meant he got in for free, lucky duck!) I had jokingly said that I wanted to see a reindeer on my trip, and I was able to!
He was getting ready to pull Santa's sleigh in a few weeks! Speaking of Santa, in Norway they leave out porridge for him, which works out well because he gets dessert when he flies to the US later :) The museum reminded me at times of a cross between the section of the Museum of Science in Boston with the stuffed animals and a history museum. 
The specimens were rather historic themselves, many being from the early 1900s, with a well-worn giraffe who appeared to be coming apart at the seams. There was also a little tidal pool filled with sea stars, urchins, crabs, and scallop shells:
The museum filled four floors and we spent a few hours there and could've spent longer. They also had a really great amount of English signage for all the exhibits so I didn't feel left out. 

After the museum we split up for a little bit, so each of us could get a little shopping done. I had to stop in at the grocery store and get a box of pepperkakers which are delicious spiced cookies that taste like a hard version of a molasses cookie. 

Then we headed to the treat of the day - a visit to the revolving restaurant at the top of Tyholt tower. Sveii planned this, and it wasn't even in my guidebook and it was a perfect ending to the trip. The restaurant makes a full revolution in an hour, and the city was all lit up and looked like you were looking down at stars. It was fun to look down and see places that I'd been. 

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