09 January 2014

Day 6 - London!

My first full day in London began in the rain, how fitting. But it is so much warmer than in Iceland, that I didn't need to wear my super-warm coat nor a hat! I'm staying in the London School of Economics Residences Halls, Rosebery Hall, which they rent out for tourists during spring break. I wish the US would get dorms like the ones here in the UK! Single rooms seem to be the norm here, and though there are shared bathrooms, each room has a sink in it which is super helpful. 

Here is the hall:

One thing I really wanted to do was do some shopping at my favourite UK stores, Primark and Dorothy Perkins. And since it was a rainy day, it seemed like a good plan, so I spent most of the day shopping and took a nap in the afternoon. I kept really weird hours in Iceland, so it was nice to catch up on sleep in my own room. 

The first thing I did when I left the room was head out to a theatre to see if I could grab a £10 day ticket to see a play called Mojo, starring Rupert Grint! I managed to get the last one, and it was right in the front row:
The front row probably isn't the best seat to have in a theatre, since you're looking up, and I couldn't see anything that happened to the extreme left, but the actors were very often standing directly in front of me which was really neat. From the description of the play, it was not at all what I was expecting, but the acting was terrific and its just a fun experience being out at the theatre. Plus seeing Rupert Grint in person; now Emma Watson just needs to do some stage acting and I'll have seen the trio!

After the play I headed straight back to the room - which has a surprisingly comfy bed and pillow - and went right to bed. A more touristy-type day was yet to come the next day!

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  1. Hello Bonnie, have some English tea for me! Love ya, Mom and Dad too :)