08 January 2014

Day 5 - Blue Lagoon and then London!

For my last day in Iceland, I decided to spend it at the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal pool, which has been turned into a spa, and it is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a lava field. The water is this milky blue color from the algae in it and every fifteen minutes its completely new and fresh. It is on the way to Keflavik airport, so the plan was to go to the Lagoon, spend a few hours, then head to the airport, and luckily there is a bus service just for that!

View out the window at 8:30am:

Arriving at the Blue Lagoon:

It was in the 30s but luckily not too windy! I rented a robe so after being in the water I could rush into something kinda warm. 

Different parts were warmer than others, and there was temperature board to let you know; I stayed in the warmest part, 110 degrees, and it was absolutely delightful but you had to keep under the water to stay warm! There was silica mud to put on your face and body in different parts of the lagoon, and my skin felt so smooth when I came out. I spent an hour in the water, then had lunch, and then another 45 minutes. There were also saunas to go in, but I was happy just being in the water. And they have a full service spa, which if I had more time it may have been nice to get a massage in the water. And just a side note, but I've never seen so many adults wearing swimmies than here! 

I'm really glad I went; when I first arrived, I was wondering what exactly I'd do in the three and a half hours I had there, but it was so very relaxing and a nice way to end the Iceland part of my trip. 

Iceland was so much more beautiful than I expected, even though I knew it was supposed to be stunning scenery. I think going in winter really made a difference, because there were fewer tourists, and you felt like you had the view all to yourself, without worrying about people getting into your pictures! Though now I kinda want to go in summer, just to see the difference, and to take advantage of the really long days. I think that was the worst part of the trip, the very few hours of daylight. For both tours, it was a rush at times to fit everything in before the sun went down. 

It was definitely my most adventurous trip in terms of trying different foods...which if you know me, then you know that I'd be perfectly happy eating just bread and butter for every meal. I tried: lamb, puffin (don't hate me!), lobster, squid, and pad thai - out of all those I really liked the pad thai and although I was hating myself for eating it, the lamb was pretty good too. I have to credit Thijs with gently nudging me to try new things; if not for him, it would've been pizza for me every night. Oh and the hot chocolate they make in Iceland is absolutely divine. Would come back just for the hot chocolate alone. 

Then it was onto a plane and to London! As soon as I got on the Tube, I was happy to be back in my favouritest city. Though the scenery is nowhere close to Iceland! I arrived at about 10.30pm at the residence hall, and immediately went to bed. Much more exploring to be done the next few days!


  1. Blue Lagoon looks amazing! Now London how great! How's the weather there? Love ya Mom and Dad

  2. We love reading your blog! Love Chrissy and Jeremiah