02 July 2014

Day 8 - London

Another nice day in London with sunshine! It was supposed to be close to 50 degrees, but I don't think it reached that warm, because of the breeze. 

After meeting a friend for coffee in the morning, I headed over to visit Southwark Cathedral. On the walking tour I took the other day, the guide said that that Southwark is her favorite cathedral right after Westminster Abbey, so I felt I should go see it. 

I hopped on a bus, front seat as always!

I wasn't quite sure which station to get off at, so I got off one too late but it was good because it was near Borough Market, a great food market, where I got a cheese straw for a light lunch. 

Next stop was the cathedral! But before that, I found a local library, the John Harvard Library which was absolutely full with the most computer terminals I've ever seen, all in use. 
It was must less full of tourists than all the other big churches...

In the evening I finally went on a ghost tour! I've always wanted to go on one, but felt that they might be too cheesy...so I went with London Walks again, the Ghosts of the West End. No ghosts were seen but I learned quite a bit more about history, and even found the grave a dog which was haunting a street until his headstone was corrected!

Just a few more days left :)

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